Privacy Policy

SAS Onecub
Registered in Paris under the number RCS 530 008 887
54 rue Greneta, 75002 Paris
Represented by Olivier Dion as president
“We” or “Onecub”: the company Onecub
“The service”: the data portability tool we are providing.
“You”: professionals and individuals using our service
“Partners”: each organization (company or administration) using Onecub for data portability.

Onecub’s ambition is to allow you to get control back over your data and make it circulate freely. Onecub provides a tool allowing you to make your data portable from one service to another.


Our tool is made in the context of GDPR (the new General Data Protection Regulation) that gives you the new right to data portability. Under certain conditions you can have access to data you provided to an organization (through an online service for instance) and to transmit it to an another organization.

What is the purpose of Onecub?

Our tool allows you to transmit your data from one organization (company, administration, etc.) to another.

We retrieve these data either in your mailbox with your consent (purchase data, etc.) or they are directly provided by partners with whom you activated portability.

Protection of your privacy

If privacy protection is at the heart of our preoccupations, it is also at the heart of our task: we make sure that privacy becomes a competitive advantage for companies. We are committed to adopting every necessary measures to protect your privacy.

Onecub end purpose is to make your data portable when you ask for it. Onecub also aggregate your data in order to calculate some anonymized statistics. That is all! Onecub does not resell your personal data nor use it for advertising.

Ensuring data portability when you ask for it

Ensuring data portability means:

  • Allowing you to receive data generated by your online services usage
  • Allowing you to access your data from your Onecub account
  • Allowing you to transmit your data to our partners
  • Allowing you to download your data in an interoperable format*
* This feature is coming soon

When you consent for the transmission of your data, everything is under your exclusive control:

  • You decide to which service you transmit your data
  • You are informed of the data you transfer
  • You are informed of the specific purpose of the data transfer
  • You decide to interrupt data transmission whenever you want

Aggregation of your data for statistical purposes

Onecub aggregates your data for statistical purposes which means “data relative to a group of individuals”. Statistical data are anonymized: it is impossible to re identify you from those statistics. Statistics are available for free and open data on

Statistics on Inside Onecub
The web portal Inside Onecub

If for any reason you do not want to participate in Inside Onecub statistics, you can deactivate your data utilization for statistical purposes by asking us*.

* This feature is coming soon

In order to transmit data you generated from your online services usage, there are 2 cases:

  • Your online services can give you an access to your data directly. In this case Onecub store your consent to portability and erases your data just after transmission. You can then access your consents for portability from your Onecub account.
  • Onecub can access your emails in order to extract relevant data from them. In this case Onecub stores on its server your data and your consents to portability, and you can access it from your Onecub account. When you authorize Onecub to access your emails, a first robot analyzes your metadata* in order to exclude all your personal conversations. Metadata from your personal conversations are immediately deleted.

When you authorize Onecub to access your emails, a first robot analyzes your metadata* in order to exclude all your personal conversations. Metadata from your personal conversations are immediately deleted.

Example of an email's metadata
Example of email metadata

Onecub takes all necessary measures not to access the content of your personal conversation. Only online service providers emails are analyzed (e-commerce, administration, etc.).

Example of emails accessed and non accessed by Onecub

From email metadata (e-commerce purchases, etc.) Onecub identifies and extracts relevant information. These information can contain your identity or your online services usage data. When data are extracted directly from your emails by Onecub, you can access it on your Onecub account.

Private space onecub
Your personal space on Onecub
* Metadata: sent date, sender, receiver, etc.

Our data processes rely on consent (for data portability or email extraction).

Perpetual consent are prohibited (and we think it is a good thing) so we allow you to withdraw your consent at anytime through your Onecub personal account.

Competent authorities

Public authorities are susceptible to receive certain of your data in the case of a judicial inquest. Demands will have to be addressed by public authorities and occasional to be acceptable.

Partners you want to transfer your data to

Apart from public authorities, Onecub will not transfer your data without your explicit consent. You decide who you transfer your data to.

In order to make your data portable, Onecub might conserve your data until you suppress your account.

The new European regulation GDPR offers your 7 rights to strengthen your control over your data. You can simply ask for your rights on your Onecub account.

Access right

To access your data you can access your Onecub account which displays all your data. You can also ask for an archive to

Rectification right

You can also ask to

Deletion right

Many options:

  • Suppress a mailbox synchronization from your account (all your mailbox data will be deleted)
  • Or delete your account (all your data will be deleted)

Opposition right

To oppose processing of your data just suppress your account.

Processing limitation

You can also ask to

Portability right

Onecub is dedicated to your portability right, but you can also ask to for specific demands.

* This feature is coming soon

Right to reclamation to the regulator

If despite all our efforts you estimate that we committed a fault concerning the management of your data, you can make a complaint to: