Terms and Conditions


  • The editor: The person, physical or moral, that publishes online services. In this case the editor is the company Onecub SAS.
  • The service: The set of websites, internet pages and online services provided by the editor. https://www.onecub.com.
  • The user: The person that uses the service.

Nature of collected data

In the context of the utilization of the service, the editor may collect the following data categories concerning its users:

  • Civil-status, identity, authentication, etc.
  • Personal and lifestyle data (habits, family situation, etc. apart from sensitive data)
  • Professional data (resume, degrees...)
  • Information relative to financial status
  • Connection data (IP, logs, etc.)
  • Location data (GPS, GSM, etc.)

Third party data disclosure

Disclosure to authorities based on legal obligations

On the base of legal obligations, your data might be disclosed in the application of a legislation under an appropriate jurisdiction. In general we are committed to follow all the legislations required.

Disclosure to partners

We will only disclose personal data to third party on the base of the user’s explicit consent, as part of a data portability demand.

Virality of personal data reuse conditions

No commitment on the virality of reuse conditions

In the case of data disclosure to a third party, the third party conditions apply.

Prior notification for data disclosure to third party in case of merger/acquisition

Opt-in (consent) prior to the transmission of data in case of merger/acquisition

In the case where we would participate in a merger/acquisition operation, we are commited to obtain your prior consent before transmitting your data and to maintain the confidentiality level you asked for.

Data aggregation

Aggregation of non personal data

We can publish, disclose and use aggregated information (information relative to all our users or a specific group that we combine in a way that makes reidentification impossible) et non personal information for market analysis, demographic profiling, promotion and marketing purposes. Aggregated statistics are already published and open data on the website: https://inside.onecub.com.

Aggregation of personal data available on users accounts

If you log in to your account or to a third party service account in order to make your data portable, the service will be able to display your data (based on your consent) on your profile. We can aggregate information relative to our other users, always in the purpose of facilitating data portability.

Identity data collection

Subscription and identification prior to the provision of the service

Service utilization require a prior identification and subscription. Your identity data (name, address, email, etc.) are used to apply our legal obligations for the operation of the service. You will not provide false identity information or create an account for an another person without proper authorization. Your personal details have to be accurate.

Identification data collection

Utilization of user’s login only for service access

We only use your identification login for and during the execution of the contract.

Device data collection

Collection of profiling and technical data for the provision of the service

Certain technical data from your device are collected automatically by the service. Those information include your IP address, your internet service provider, your hardware and software configuration, type and language of your navigator, etc. The collection of this data is required for the provision of the service.

Technical data collection for statistical purposes

Your device technical data are automatically collected and stored by the service for statistical purposes. All this information help us to personalize and improve user experience on our service. We do not retain nominative data (name, address, etc.) attached to this kind of data. Collected data are susceptible to be sold to third party.


Retention period for cookies

Maximal cookies retention period is 24 month maximum after their first deposit in the user’s device, as the validity duration of the user’s consent for the utilization of the cookies. Lifespan of cookies is not extended for each visit. Consent of the user will have to be renewed after this delay.

Cookies finality

Cookies can be used for statistical purposes in particular for optimizing services for the user (access frequency, pages personalization, etc.).

You are informed that the editor is susceptible to deposit cookies on your device. Cookies store information relative to service navigation (consulted pages, date of consultation, etc.) that we can read for later visits.

Right for the user to refuse cookies, deactivation resulting in degraded service

You are informed that the editor might use cookies and you authorize it. If you do not want cookies to be utilized on your device, your navigator allows you to deactivate it through its options. However you are informed that certain services might be degraded.

Possible cookies association with personal data for service provision

The editor can collect navigation data via cookies.

Conservation of technical data

Technical data conservation duration

Technical data are conserved for a duration strictly necessary for the purposes above.

Personal data conservation period and anonymization

Data conservation during contractual relationship

Personal data under process are not retained more than necessary for the execution of the contract and the duration defined in the contractual relationship.

Anonymized data conservation beyond contractual relationship / after account deletion

We conserve personal data for the strict duration necessary for the purposes described in the present terms and conditions. Beyond this duration, data will be anonymized and conserved for statistical purposes only and will not be exploited.

Data deletion after unsubscription

Data cleansing methods are enforced in order to delete data when data conservation period is reached.

Data deletion after 3 years of inactivity

For safety reasons, if you did not log in to the service for a period of 3 years and there is no movement on your account, you will receive an email inviting you to connect to your account, otherwise your data will be deleted from our database.

Account deletion

On demand account deletion

The user can delete his account anytime, by asking the editor or through the account deletion feature residing in the parameter page.

Account deletion in case of terms and conditions violation

In case of violation of our terms and condition, the editor reserves the right to terminate or restrict service access without prior warning.

Warning in case of security breach detected by the editor

Information of the user in case of security breach

We are committed to enforce all appropriate technical and organisational measures in order to ensure an appropriate security level regarding accidental access, unauthorized or illegal, disclosing, alteration, loss or destruction of personal data concerning your account. In the case we would become aware of illegal access concerning your account or your portable data on third party accounts, or unauthorized access, we are committed to:

  • Notify you as soon as possible
  • Examine the incident and inform you
  • Take all necessary measures in order to limit prejudice

Responsibility limitation

The defined engagement relative to data breach notification cannot be assimilated to acknowledgement of fault or responsibility concerning the cause of the incident.

Personal data abroad transfer

Data abroad transfer to a country with equivalent protection level

The editor is committed to respect applicable regulation relative to abroad data transfer in particular:

  • The editor transfers personal data of its users to countries with equivalent protection level
  • The editor transfers personal data of its users outside of countries recognized by the European regulator as having sufficient protection level: the editor has obtained specific authorization by the European regulator for the transfer

List of countries with equivalent level recognized by the European regulator: CNIL - La protection des données dans le monde

Terms and conditions and privacy policy updates

Commitment not to downgrade the level of confidentiality in a substantial manner

In case of modification of the terms and conditions, we are committed to not downgrade the level of confidentiality in a substantial manner without warning you and obtaining your consent.

Applicable right and appeal modality

Arbitration clause

You accept that any litigation that might occur from the terms and conditions, in particular its interpretation or execution, will lead to an arbitration procedure with an arbitration platform chosen by mutual agreement.

These Terms and Conditions are provided by About Innovation and Privacy Tech according to the Licence Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International.