Our vision is a global human-centric and decentralized personal data network in which all organizations (public bodies, non-profit, academics, corporates, etc.) aim for interoperability and where personal data can flow easily from one organization to the other under people’s complete control and with full transparency.

Our mission is to empower individuals with their data for a fair data economy.


In today’s world driven by data, we believe that humans have to be at the very heart of our technologies.

In a near-future Artificial Intelligence fuelled by data will but a part of every aspect of our daily lives,

so we need to act fast and put humans in the driver’s seat.

We promote key principles for building a real human-centric and effective data sharing infrastructure:

Shared Governance

Personal data sharing rules should be defined collectively by public and private organizations of all sizes, as well as people. We do not want a privately-owned ‘winner takes all model’.

Open standards and Commons

The Personal Data sharing infrastructure (ethics, business, legal, technical) should level the playing field by relying on open standards and Commons. We promote coordination and mutualization.

Value creation and sharing

Value distribution among all stakeholders has to be a pillar of the infrastructure. Organizations need effective business models and ROI if we want to ensure sustainability.

Trust, transparency, and control

For people to feel that their privacy is truly protected, they need to be able to understand what is done with their data in every circumstance and to be able to control what is happening with ease. The Personal Data Sharing infrastructure has to build trust for the ecosystem.

Separation of powers

Control over personal data should not be handled by services exploiting data. People should be able to be represented by tools (Personal Data Operators), independent of their digital services, to control and share their data.

We signed the MyData Declaration

We follow the MyData Movement human-centric principle for data sharing. MyData Declaration.


We believe that building a Personal Data Sharing Infrastructure is a collective work.

Therefore Onecub has been a leader and active member of multiple initiatives and communities globally for years.


We co-founded the Brussel based association aNewGovernance in 2020, after consultation with the EU Commission and +200 organizations worldwide. Our goal is to create a global governance body for personal data that will organize the cross-sectoral Personal Data Space and help to shape the Personal Data sharing infrastructure.


We work closely with multiple communities including the MyData movement represented in +50 countries worldwide and mentioned in the 2020 European Data Strategy. We promote the human-centric MyData model and values. With our ecosystem, we design the future global infrastructure for Personal Data Sharing. See our paper with the MyData community.


We work with the best worldwide experts in our field at defining the standards we need for the Personal Data Sharing infrastructure: consent with the Kantara initiative; legal model with a group of experts from MIT, Berkley, Stanford; business model with Polytechnique; governance with WTO, OECD, WEF, CIGI, Ada Lovelace Institute, etc.

Public authorities

Since our inception, we have been working with key public authorities at shaping the future of the Personal Data ecosystem. We have been involved with the French CNIL in early discussions on the GDPR right to portability and are still working with them on the sharing infrastructure along with Sitra and the French Caisse des Dépôts. We participated in discussions about the EU data strategy with the EU Commission. We participated in the French and German data strategies.


We have been working with many corporations over the years from incumbents to startups, globally and in every sector (Banks, insurances, healthcare companies, mobility players, retailers, etc.). We discuss the architecture on a regular basis with Big Tech players like Facebook (we spend 1 year in the Facebook garage program), Google, or Microsoft. We work closely with many federations like GS1, Eurocities, OASC, the European banking federation, etc. We rely on the federations to scale up the governance.


We are invited speakers at many conferences globally where we meet key decision-makers of our ecosystem: GPDR +1 year at the Commission of Justice, IAPP Brussels, IGF Berlin, Stanford summit, MyData conference Helsinki, The French Assemblée Nationale, les assises des droits du numérique Paris, etc. We organize conferences with federations, corporations, and Universities regularly.

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Our pioneering 10 years of experience offers us a panoramic view of the ecosystem.

Here are the key steps of Onecub’s history:


Inception in Paris.

Participation in the VRM community based in Harvard.


Participation in the MesInfos project with la FING.

First product based on email data collection.

Participation in the GPDR preparation with the French CNIL.


Investment from SNCF Developpement and the city of Calais.

Creation of a development center in Calais.

2015 & 2016

Creation of a statistic platform for startups and innovation.

Publication of the generation French Tech observatory with SNCF.



First startup selected in the Facebook startup garage based in Station F Paris.


GDPR is in application.

New portability / data sharing solution proposed, based on GDPR.


Discussions with the EU Commissions about the data strategy.

Launching of the book: ‘a new governance for personal data in the XXIst century’ at the French Assemblée Nationale with 15 countries.

Participation in the MyData community work globally.



The EU Data Strategy is launched.

aNewGovernance association is created in Brussels.

Our management team

Olivier Dion

Olivier Dion


Pioneer and expert in personal data & data portability for 10y (VRM, MyData, MesInfos). Active with the French CNIL. Speaker at international conferences (IAPP, MyData, IGF, EU Commission events). Advised the French Government on portability, participates in WEF work on data code of conduct.

Olivier teaches innovation at ULCO Calais and Dunkerque where he has been developing the startup ecosystem since 2014.

Based on its experience in CRM and open data, Olivier founded Onecub in 2011 to empower people with their data. He co-founded aNewGovernance in 2019 to unite people and organizations globally around his mission. Leader of the Mobility Alliance for aNewGovernance.



Christine Tartanson

Christine Tartanson

Head of Partnership

Christine is an expert in data innovation for Food & Retail. She is Head of Partnerships for Onecub, a data portability startup, and organized the first data portability workshops dedicated to Retail and to Blockchain in France.

Christine is also Board Advisor to several startups for the Foodtech accelerator ShakeUp Factory at Station F. Previously Christine led the European Consumer Product team and founded the Food France Business Unit for the global market research & industry consultancy firm The NPD Group.



Marc Atallah

Marc Atallah


Marc held scientific/engineering positions at IBM Global Services, GE Healthcare, GE Corporate combined with a strong entrepreneurial background:
– Founded YPOK (ypok.com) acquired by Baobaz.
– Founded IF Research Polska (ifresearch.pl/en/) specialized in full stack and data solutions providing new digital applications making clients more competitive. IF Research is the development center of Onecub today.
– Founded and developed Caritat Strategic Analytics Group (CSAG) pioneering in Artificial intelligence acquired by Deloitte.
– Founded Zettafox specialized in Artificial Intelligence acquired by Mazars.

Serge Ohana

Serge Ohana

Solution architect

Serge worked as a solution architect with multiple big corporations like Accenture, Carrefour, EDF, AccorHotels, and Channel.

Team leader and expert of the Scrum methodology, Serge designed multiple versions of the Onecub architecture.

Nicolas Gapaillard

Nicolas Gapaillard

Infrastructure developer

Open source addict with a background in architecture and now dedicated to the implementation of solutions around the DEVOPS movement.
– Data security in a multitenant and bigdata environment (Axa)
– Large volumes (Oui.sncf and SNCF.com)
– Political stakes (Opening of competition for professionals at EDF)

e and organizations globally around his mission.

Virginie Lefevre

Virginie Lefevre


Virginie is CHO of Startup Leader and helps Onecub with accounting and administration.

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