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Consulting references

We worked with Sitra, the Finnish innovation fund, on the 35 proposals to make the European Data Strategy work. We designed concrete propositions on human-centric data governance for the new digital era.

We worked with the French Caisse des Dépôts and Capgemini on a 'Self Data' study. We interviewed +30 organizations all over Europe and in all sectors working on Personal Data Sharing projects.

We gathered 50 organizations from 15 countries and from all sectors for a report to the French Parliament about the GDPR right to portability and personal data governance with the Privacytech association.

We worked on a paper with the Digital New Deal Think Tank and aNewGovernance about governance and personal data sharing infrastructure. We also work on trustworthy AI.

We advised +100 public and private organizations from all sectors on GDPR, data portability, data governance, and personal data sharing. We provide training sessions on a regular basis.

Solution for personal data sharing

We work with ecosystems for personal data sharing in different sectors:

We initiated the THEMIS Data Space gathering +60 tourism and infrastructure players in France.

We partner with the French Skills Data Space: PROMETHEUS-X.

We have participated MaaS (Mobility as a Service) standardization effort of BeNeLux - Germany projects.

We work with multiple startups in health and we discuss with major medical research institutions.

We have worked on the creation of a personal data bank with a major bank in France.

We work in retail for better consumption use cases based on purchase ticket receipt sharing.

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