Personal Data Sharing for Finance

Finance is largely fueled by personal data. Allowing data to circulate from and to banks and insurance companies will lower the administrative burden for everyone (KYC, credit applications, inventory assessment, etc.). Banks can also become Personal Data Banks if they open up to other organizations.

Who is concerned

  • Banks
  • Administration
  • Insurance
  • Car companies
  • Real estate
  • Fintech startups
  • Notaries
  • Retailers
  • E-commerce

Use cases

Personal data sharing projects will help you to build smart finance. Here are a few examples:

Personal Data Bank

Store your clients’ data and allow them to share it through a services hub with multiple third-party services


consumption data


Facilitate KYC procedures by connecting banks to public administration

identity data


Facilitate clients administrative tasks by interconnecting their digital services

Identity data

Personal Finance Management

Allow clients to share their financial data with PFM apps, or to augment their bank account information with purchase details.


consumption data

Property purchase

Help your clients through their property purchase journey

property data

Car purchase

Help your clients through their car purchase journey

car data

Cross-sectoral data sharing

Finance data projects can involve other sectors data:

  • Consumption
  • Insurance
  • Mobility
  • Tourism
  • Energy
  • Administration
  • Consumption

Our projects

  • We work on the creation of a personal data bank with a major bank in France
  • We advise several banks in Europe about portability and personal data sharing