How we protect you

We do not see, store or process data you share

Onecub follows the aNewGovernance 'Separation of Powers Principle (SPP)': our only purpose is to help you to share your data, we do not see, store or process the data you want to share, we only store the permissions/consents for data sharing and data related to the process of data sharing.

You control your data indepentently of your services

We act as a trusted third party between your organizations. With Onecub you have the opportunity to control your consents and revoke it anytime from your Onecub dashboard, independently of your multiple digital services.

We depend on collective governance rules

There is a worldwide ecosystem behind Onecub. We follow the common rules and standards established inside aNewGovernance and principles from the MyData Declaration. We work on an open and common infrastructure with other Operators with which we are interoperable and substitutable.