Our management team

Olivier Dion

Olivier Dion


Pioneer and expert in personal data & data portability for 10y (VRM, MyData, MesInfos). Active with the French CNIL. Speaker at international conferences (IAPP, MyData, IGF, EU Commission events). Advised the French Government on portability, participates in WEF work on data code of conduct.

Olivier teaches innovation at ULCO Calais and Dunkerque where he has been developing the startup ecosystem since 2014.

Based on its experience in CRM and open data, Olivier founded Onecub in 2011 to empower people with their data. He co-founded aNewGovernance in 2019 to unite people and organizations globally around his mission. Leader of the Mobility Alliance for aNewGovernance.


Marc Atallah

Marc Atallah


Marc held scientific/engineering positions at IBM Global Services, GE Healthcare, GE Corporate combined with a strong entrepreneurial background:
– Founded YPOK ( acquired by Baobaz.
– Founded IF Research Polska ( specialized in full stack and data solutions providing new digital applications making clients more competitive. IF Research is the development center of Onecub today.
– Founded and developed Caritat Strategic Analytics Group (CSAG) pioneering in Artificial intelligence acquired by Deloitte.
– Founded Zettafox specialized in Artificial Intelligence acquired by Mazars.

Cyril Garnier

Cyril Garnier


Work in the data field with Umanis, DSI of Club Avantages, and SNCF CRM Services). Cyril founded SNCF Développement, the economic development and entrepreneurship support subsidiary of SNCF, with social impact for more than 560 companies that create about 1000 jobs per year.

Distinguished as one of the 50 leaders in M&A in 2016 by Magazine Décideurs, Member of the Ile de France Digital Council, author of “Pas à Pas Marketing” (Vuibert), a columnist in Maddyness,, and, received the Grand Prix Le Monde Informatique in 2006.

Our advisors

Arno Pons

CEO Digital New Deal

Eric Pol

CEO aNewgovernance

Emmanuel Mondon

CEO Space Cooperative Europe

François Marchessaux

CEO Frantz Partners