Personal Data Sharing for Tourism  

Tourism has been largely impacted by the COVID crisis. The sector recovery plans should incite us to rethink the way we travel: smarter, greener, safer. At the crossroad of mobility, hospitality, restoration, cultural & sports events, tourism need better data sharing to offer travelers a truly personalized and innovative experience.

Who is concerned

  • Cities, regions, states
  • Mobility services
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Sightseeing players
  • Cultural & sport events
  • etc. 

Use cases

Personal data sharing projects will help you to build smart tourism. Here are a few examples:

Travel assistant

Guide travelers throughout all their activities (stay, move, live) by interconnecting their digital services together. Offer a single payment and booking means. Make onboarding and user experience easy on multiple services.

mobility trips

hotel booking

events ticketing

identity data


Help people to travel safely in the COVID context with realtime accurate health information

mobility trips

health data


Help travelers to understand their environmental footprint

mobility trips

environmental data


Help travelers to discover local cultural events by sharing their preferences throughout their digital services

preferences, mobility trips

hotel booking

events ticketing

Cross-sectoral data sharing

Tourism data projects can involve other sectors data:

  • Mobility
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Health

Our projects

We are participating in the building of a tourism personal data sharing ecosystem for a major sport event in Paris. See workshops.