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Data-sharing ecosystems - Governance & Infrastructure


We build the Common European Data Spaces

Onecub empowers people & organizations with their data, by creating Data Spaces, in the European regulation context.

►    We gather players from all sectors to build compliant, secure, fair & human-centric data-sharing ecosystems.

►    We support governance models allowing fair value creation & redistribution.

►    We provide standard & privacy-preserving Web3 data-sharing infrastructure.

For Organizations

Create value by sharing data with your ecosystem.

Benefit from our pioneering 10 years of experience and our global network of experts to find (or create) ecosystems of partners, where you will create value for your organization and you end-users, by sharing personal and non personal data.

We propose a 3 steps approach from the co-design of data-sharing use cases that best suit your goals, to the creation of a governance & infrastructure to support your data-sharing ecosystem.


We help you to create meaningful  personal and non personal data-sharing use cases, through our design thinking methodology. We find partner organizations, and build ecosystems around you.


As we believe that data-sharing is first and foremost about ecosystem governance, we guide you through this process. We help you to shape the governance of your Data Space. We level the playing field for organizations of all sizes, allowing them to create value and innovate with data.


We help you to deal with every aspect of data-sharing: consent, identity, data access management, business models, legal, technical, design, compliance, ethics… We provide your Data Space with a secure, standard, compliant, and privacy-preserving Web3 decentralized infrastructure to pool, access, share, process, and use data.

For people

Help your users to share their data, with trust.

Personal data-sharing is at the heart of the Data Spaces we build.

Onecub data-sharing intermediary solution helps your end-users to share personal data:

  • In one click
  • Securely
  • For free
  • With full control

For this, your end-users just have to give consent to you through Onecub popups. We do not store shared data, we only handle consents through secure blockchain-based technologies.

Onecub also offers your users the possibility to open a consent dashboard where they can control all their data transfers in one place and revoke them anytime.

It is as simple as that! 

Give your consent from the digital services you use every day

Retrieve and control all your consents from your personal dashboard

Why Onecub?

In today’s world, driven by data, we believe that humans have to be at the very heart of our technologies. In a near-future Artificial Intelligence, fuelled by data, will but a part of every aspect of our daily lives, so we need to act fast and put humans in the driver’s seat.


We believe that end-user benefits and user experience are key drivers of adoption


We are specialists in data-Sharing. We help your organization to provide innovative and robust solutions while saving money and time.


We always put humans at the center. We create a TRUST framework for people to share their data through their consents/permissions trust. We follow the MyData human-centric principles for data sharing: MyData Declaration.


We believe that value distribution among all stakeholders has to be a pillar of the infrastructure. Organizations need effective business models and ROI if we want to ensure sustainability. We focus on benefits, innovation, and relevant data-sharing use cases for organizations.


Our infrastructure is based on the GDPR (right to portability, consent, privacy by design, etc.), and the EU Data Strategy package (DGA, DSA, DMA, DA)


We believe that data-sharing rules must be defined collectively by organizations of all sizes, as well as people. We do not want a privately-owned ‘winner takes all model’ and we help to coordinate a +200 organizations worldwide public-private ecosystem through the association we co-founded: aNewGovernance.

STANDARDS & Infrastructure

More than a tool, we are building a comprehensive data-sharing infrastructure (ethics, business, legal, technical, design) with our ecosystem of partners and experts. This infrastructure levels the playing field by relying on open standards and Digital Commons. We play a key role in the European standardization effort.

Our lighthouse project: THEMIS-X

In the context of the coming Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Onecub is the initiator of a Tourism Data Space gathering +60 key public and private players of the industry in France, and in partnership with European actors.

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