Our Solution

Offer Human-Centric Data Sharing to your users

Onecub provides a B2C2B service for personal data sharing:

  • Offer your users an easy, secure, and trustable way to transfer their data between your service and third party services, in one click through their consent/permission. Onecub provides you with easy to implement standard and compliant consent popups. Your users also benefit from an independent consent dashboard for more control.
  • We also provide you with an administration interface that will allow you to manage all aspects of your personal data sharing offer: consent/permission, business, technical, legal, design, governance.

Onecub is a personal data sharing intermediary. With the MyData Community we belong to, we defined a common understanding of what we call the MyData Operators. See the White Paper: Understanding the MyData Operators.

Onecub follows and promotes the MyData Principles expressed in the MyData Declaration.

We guide you through every step

Benefit from our pioneering 10 years of experience and our global network of experts to offer meaningful portability and personal data sharing to your users. We have a comprehensive 3 steps approach from the definition of your use cases and the building of your data sharing ecosystem to the implementation.


We help you to create meaningful portability and personal data sharing use cases for your users, through our design thinking methodology. We find partner organizations, and ecosystems to share data with and help you to shape your relationship with them.


As we believe that personal data sharing is first and foremost about governance, we guide you through this process. We help you to shape the governance of your project while helping you to relate to the governance work of your sector and at a cross-sectoral level.


We help you to deal easily with every aspect of personal data sharing: business, legal, technical, design, compliance, ethics. You will always be at the forefront of the personal data sharing standards and infrastructure under construction.

All-in-one solution

Let us deal with all the complex aspects of Personal Data Sharing


Identity, Data models, APIs, Security, Quality


Frameworks, Ethics, Methodology, Charters


Contracts, Liabilities, SLAs, Conflicts


Consent design, Consent dashboard 


Regulation, Certifs, Transparency 


Value sharing & distrib, Marketplace

Permission /consent management

You first need to agree on a specific personal data sharing use case with one, or more, third-party service. We help you to establish a legally binding contract for the use case. Through the course of the UX, your user gives its consent (/permission) for data transfer between your service and the third-party service. At the end of the UX, your user can open a non-mandatory Onecub consent dashboard in order to see all its consent in the same place and revoke it anytime (1.). He also has the possibility to revoke the specific use case consent from your service or the third-party service. You can retrieve all the consent (/permissions) given to you inside your administration interface. 

Legal framework

Each consent (/permission)  is always related in a transparent manner to an initial contract. We help you to establish standard and compliant contracts for each contract that you can retrieve in your administration interface.

Identity management

Onecub does not provide a Single Sign-On service. Onecub will only make sure that your user will ask for a transfer to a third-party service account that he owns. Technically we will connect the user’s two identities through a single token. Onecub will never know or store your user’s credentials.

Separation of Powers Principle

We apply and promote the Separation of Powers Principle (SPP) which means that as a Personal Data Sharing intermediary representing the individual, we limit ourselves to this role and finality. We will never process users’ data for other purposes than data sharing. This principle is expressed in the Nov 2020 Data Governance Act from the European Union. The SPP provides a clear role definition throughout the ecosystem.

Personal data transfer

We follow the Separation of Powers Principle, which means that we never process or store transferred data for other purposes than data sharing. Onecub acts as a switch controlled by the individual for data transfer only. Data transfer happens directly between your service and the third-party service you are involved with.

Either your organization already has its own means for data transfer (APIs, etc.) or you do not:

  • in the case you already have APIs you will just have to integrate consents/permissions as a switch within your API
  • in the case you do not have APIs, we will guide you along the way with our partners

Value exchange and business model

We believe that personal data sharing needs a simple and organic business model to be sustainable. Sharing will always be free for individuals and services that will use data will pay data source services for automated transfer, with full control of the user through consent. Onecub primary business model is based on consent, organizations exchanging data pay per consent (/transfer).

Depending on the use case, your organization can either be a data source or a data using service. Data access can be free, or not, depending on what you agree on with other organizations. If you want to develop a business model for data access, Onecub will help you to do it with trust and GDRP compliancy.

You are a part of the Human-Centric infrastructure

We are building a Personal Data Sharing infrastructure at the moment with +200 public and private organizations through the aNewGovernance initiative we co-founded and the MyData movement. Here are some of these organizations.

With Onecub you will contribute to the creation of the new norm for Personal Data Sharing. You will be interoperable on a large scale.

Governance support

Today we work with a global network of organizations and experts at the definition of governance processes and frameworks for personal data sharing ecosystems.

Governance is needed at different levels (global standards & ethical guidelines or charters, jurisdiction standards, sectoral standards, local ecosystems, organization).

Each Onecub project is embedded inside the aNewGovernance top-down and bottom-up process from the outset and we coordinate our projects with other projects in order to define a common way.