Our lighthouse project: THEMIS

The French tourism Data Space: THEMIS-X

In the context of the coming Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Onecub is the initiator of a Tourism Data Space gathering +60 key public and private players of the industry in France, and in partnership with European actors.

Use Cases for the tourism ecosystem


Visitors receive personalized recommendations (AI-based) based on data from all their digital services (mobility, hospitality, leisure), with no harm to their privacy.


Visitors can login in 1-click. They can share their data easily: their identity, payment, preferences, transaction data, etc., without data re-entry, from one digital service to another.


Tourism digital services, including small ones, benefit from more visibility and aggregated statistics. They can bundle offers, integrate payment, sell access to their data in a compliant manner.

Data value chains

Participants of the THEMIS initiative

  • Tourism private players
  • Tourism public players
  • SMEs, Startups, innovation ecosystems
  • Infrastructure players
  • Consulting firms
  • Research institutes, academia
  • Lawyers, regulation players